MOVIE tonight! 8pm pre show, 9pm BIG

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Let the fun pop up storms all around us begin... YIKES!  Please check your e-mail before you head to Vermack in the event of rain, but I'm feeling lucky... or at least 20% lucky according to the weather channel.  

We are planning to set up to the right of tennis courts 4-5-6 on the grassy area near the old playground and have the courts reserved, so the lights will be out and it will be dark.  (Please no kids/food/drink/anyone/anything really on the courts.  THANKS :)

Also, don't forget your concessions cash...  (small bills always appreciated!)  If we do it right, the movie ends up paying for itself!  Here is what you can expect... YUMMMMMMM

$2 Movie popcorn  (Who wants to volunteer to help serce/sell it??  You do, you do- let us know.)

$2 Movie big boxed candy

$1 Water (It's going to be a HOT one!)

$2 BIG gatorade

$1 Glow necklaces and bracelets

Last and most importantly, the pool area will be locked and closed at 9pm, so fill your red solo cups up or pack a cooler!  :)


Let's all go to the movies!!!