Divisionals Information

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the broad e-mail, but want to make sure everyone swimming tomorrow sees this. 

  1. Vermack warms up from 7:30-7:50- Ouch. It hurts, but please be on time.
  2. The meet actually runs from 9:00-12:30. Bring sweatshirts for the kids to wear between events and after warm ups. They have a while to wait.  Feel free to send cards, games, and that sort of thing too. 
  3. The kids will be sitting on the pool deck.  The parents will sit in the stands. It's fun to sit together, but you can also sit where ever you find space.  :)  
  4. I've attached the correct event sheets. Sorry about that last time!
  5. Volunteers- Right now we have 1 lane to cover and 1 runner to cover. I entered the volunteers incorrectly. Sorry!  If we divide in shifts we need 2 timers and 1 runner first shift, and 2 timers and 1 runner second shift. I think we can figure this out once we're there. 
  • Current Volunteers are:
  • 1st shift timer: Zoya Hrmis and Joe Knippenberg  
  • 2nd shift timer: Joe Knippenberg OPEN 1 slot
  • 1st shift runner:Helen or Kay (we only need 1- that was my error)
  • 2nd shift runner: Open 

PARKING- It's not too late... I just did it! Please get your parking in advance to save money and ensure you get a spot. https://gatech.clickandpark.com  It's $11.50 rather than $15.00.  Here's a parking map: https://cnp-assets-production.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/microsites/80/lotmap.png?1403144486