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Happy "Winter" Weekend - Brrrr!

Just when we take the cover off the pool, we get cooler temps!!  Hopefully warmer weather is on the way next week!

We have a few "details" to remind you of before the season begins:

1. Please make sure your swimmers are registered with ASA.  This needs to be done before we begin practice, if possible, but absolutely before our first meet.  We have to make sure all swimmers are "legal."

2. We will be using a navy blue suit this year (as usual, I believe) There is no special style.  swimoutlet.com has good deals on suits.  Boys can wear a jammer or brief, and girls should order a one piece racing suit. Suits don't have to fit like a second skin (we want them to be able to breathe) but they shouldn't be baggy.

3. Our caps look cool.....and we will be encouraging swimmers to wear them this year.  Eliminate "hair drag" AND help keep goggles in place!

4. We have two weeks of afternon practice beginning Monday, May 16th. Come to practice even if it's chilly.  If the water is too cold, swimmers can work drylands on the deck.  Core and leg strength is crucial for strong swimming, so there's always work to be done even if we can't be in the water.

5. Signups for meet volunteer slots will be up and running soon.  Be on the lookout and grab your choice spot. We need all parents volunteering to make the meets run :)

Looking forward to a FUN season!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!!

Lee and Susan