Last Call for Swim Team

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Last Call for Summer Swim Team!!

All in the pool that are going in the pool - Swimmers.....take your mark!

This will be the last email that goes out to the entire club, so if you have no intention of doing swim team, stop reading, delete and have a great day :)

EVERYONE ELSE: if you are undecided or have been waiting for that special invite or forgot over the long, cold winter about the joys of summer swim team.....this truly is the last call.

Susan and I are assembling the roster and have to make sure it's official, legal and turned in to Franke at ASA this week.  Afternoon practices began yesterday and will continue through next week.  Our first meet is May 31st. It's not too late to join, but it very soon will be!

I am attaching the registration form to this email.  If you have a swimmer who wants to join in the fun, please print this and bring it over to the pool this week, along with your check, so that we can get them on the roster and into the practice loop.  

Thank you, and all "tennis only" folks can now rest knowing that I will not bombard you with any more swim team emails :)

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan