Coveted Volunteer Spots

Sent by Knippenberg, Joe and Lee (Knippenberg, Joe and Lee) on 5/27/2016. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to 2018 swim team annoucements

In all seriousness, we are still short 5 second half timers for the upcoming meet against Deerfield Spalding Lakes.

If you haven't done it before, 2nd half timing is the BEST!!  The longest, hottest part of the meet is over AND you are up close to the action (and the possibility of the occasional splash to cool you down)

As the visiting team, it is our responsibility to provide timers for lane 5 all night long.  The home team provides a judges recorder and a runner for both it all evens out.

Lane 5 is usually the "low key" lane, so a great way to get your feet wet (pardon the pun) as a timer :)


And please remember to rsvp (yes or no) for your swimmers on the link.

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan