Last Minute Info for Tomorrow's Meet

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Thanks, everyone, for the timely rsvp's.  It really does make a HUGE difference in the coach's ability to strategically place our swimmers.

Here's some basic info for tomorrow's meet:

1. We warm up at 5:00.  PLEASE BE AT THE DEERFIELD/SPALDING LAKE POOL BY 4:45.  Susan and I will be there ahead of you, along with the coaching staff, and will have bullpen tents set up in our area.

2. This "should" be a relatively fast meet.  We are bringing 60+ swimmers, and they have right around 50, so we shouldn't have to endure 9 heats of 6 and under......anything :)

3. The weather for tomorrow looks good - hot, but good.  Only a 20% chance of rain.  This is ATL, however, so anything could happen.  IF WE HAVE TO STOP, please plan on taking your swimmers to your car.  We will wait the required half hour and reevaluate.  Rescheduling swim meets is next to impossible, so getting the meet in is everyone's top priority.

4. Once Deerfield has sent us the official heat sheet for the meet, we will email that info so you can print and bring with you.  Also, you should be able to mark your swimmers arm in advance.

5. Tomorrow morning's practice is an important one.  Coaches will focus on meet tactics and preparedness.

This should be a fun first meet for all - that is the goal!!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan

View the meet Deerfield Spalding Lake