Meet Entries for Tonight - Mark Your Arms!!

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Hi Folks,

Sorry this has taken longer to get to you than usual.  The Deerfield coach was having some difficulty with the system and creating the meet.

I am attaching a list with meet entries by swimmer.  Please mark your swimmer's arm this afternoon - saves time later.  

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of writing all over your kids with black sharpie, here's how it works: 

Find your swimmer's name on the attached list.  On their inside forearm, mark down their events/heats/lanes/stroke.


14           1         3       25FR  (this is event 14, heat 1, lane 3 and the stroke is the 25 Free)

The sheet we are sending is alphabetized, and lists the event number and name followed by heat/lane. You can translate this info into what I've shown above.

See everyone at the pool at 4:45 - ready for some great swims!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!!


Lee and Susan



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