We WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We WON, We WON, We Won!!!!!!!!

Final Score:  Vermack - 533, Deerfield Spalding Lake - 233

That is QUITE a point spread - way to BE THE VIKING!!

Thanks for a GREAT meet tonight!  We saw some really good swims from some of our younger swimmers, and our older swimmers rocked it (as always) and really brought it home!

Thanks to all the volunteers who timed, herded, recorded, judged, ribboned and cheered us to victory! It takes many hands to run a meet :)

Susan will be at the pool tomorrow with the ribbon box - check for your family's file and collect your ribbons.  I will drop doughnuts on my way to camp. The coaches will have some fun games to play....but not too much goofing off.  We face Dunwoody Country Club next week and they are a big team. We need to do a little practicing to make sure we stay in top Viking form.

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan