Save the dates - Vermack Social Calendar!!

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Hello everyone and happy first official week of summer!  
We have a lot of great ideas so mark your calendars and let us know which event you can help out with.  We do not have a social committee, only members that have volunteered to help with specific events.   The social events are dependent on volunteers to help organize and plan the event.  Email me directly at, thank you.
Looking forward to a fun summer!  
Thanks to the end of summer bash volunteers, what a great evening!!
June 9:    Ladies night, Cocktail contest:  Ladies will bring their own cocktails in pitchers and app to share.                       6:30-9pm and rope off area of pool. 
July 3:     4th of July party: 2 more volunteers needed
July 14:   Chastain at Vermack featuring Lexi Street Band (adults only):  
              Everyone bring own tablcloths, candles and food (just like chastain)  $5/member.  
Aug 6:     Back to School Party 4 volunteers needed
Sept 5:     Labor Day Party      4 volunteers needed
other ideas TBD:  Men's night:  Beer and poker and/or game night (cornhole?)  
                           (late June?) 2 volunteers needed
                          Chastain night in Aug (possibly--let's see how the first one goes)
Other ideas?  Please let us know!
Cassie Owens,
Board Secretary
Vermack Swim & Tennis Club