Some Swim Details :)

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Looks like practice this morning was pretty fun.  It's always good to gather for victory doughnuts and games!

Just one or two reminders as we move forward with the season:

1. Parents, we have our coaches scheduled to work solidly with the team from 8:30 (when they arrive to set up) until 11:00 (when practice officially ends and the pool opens.) Please do not pull a coach away from practice during team practice hours.  Coaches are available to work privately with your swimmers after practice.  Coach Charlotte already has some private lessons on her calendar, and I'm sure that our other coaches would be happy to schedule with you as well.  One or two half hour sessions one-on-one with a coach can really improve stroke work, turns, etc. - but these need to happen on your time, not team time. :) 

2. We have worked hard to recruit good coaches who have a wealth of year round competitive swimming and coaching experience.  Many of you were also swimmers and know the sport well.  If you are able to work with your swimmers after practice, the coaches really do appreciate it.  Any extra time kids get on dives, kicks, turns, etc. can be beneficial. Please, however, refrain from coaching your swimmers when they are in the water with our coaches. :) Visit with other moms, enjoy your coffee, read a good may be the only peaceful half hour you have all day!

3.  Mom Tanks - several of you asked about the lovely mom tanks Susan and I were modeling for you during last night's meet.  We can place a second order, but need a minimum of 10 tanks to do a "run." If you would like a flowy, oh-so-cool Vermack Mom Tank please let Susan know by this Friday morning at practice.

We will be sending out the sign up genius for our next meet later this evening.  Be on the lookout and please rsvp by Saturday evening.  Coaches will be reworking the line up on Sunday.

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan