Special Meeting Ballot

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Attached file: Vermack-6-6-16 Special Meeting Ballot.pdf

Special Meeting Overview
As announced in a club-wide email on May 21, 2016, the President of Vermack Swim & Tennis Club has called a Special Meeting for 7:30pm on Monday, June 6, 2016 in the pavilion area
by the tennis courts. The sole purpose of the Special Meeting is for the Board and Members to consider and vote on the capital addition and bank loan for a swimming pool slide structure.

Special Meeting Voting
Equity Members and Inactive Equity Members in “good standing” may either attend the meeting and vote in person or vote by the attached ballot.

The completed and signed ballot must be received by Monday, June 6, 2016 at 5pm. You may scan your signed ballot and email it to the club at vermackclub@gmail.com. Alternatively, lifeguards will collect ballots on behalf of the Club Secretary during pool hours between Friday, June 3, 2016 and Monday, June 6, 2016 until 5pm. 

If you have any questions regarding the ballot or slide structure, please email the board at vermackclub@gmail.com.  Additionally, if you have any comments or concerns regarding the club, please email this same address.  

Thank you!

Cassie Owens,
Board Secretary
Vermack Swim & Tennis Club