Meet Results

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Attached file: DCC v. Vermack meet results.pdf

I am attaching a file with meet results from last night's VICTORY over DCC!!

Just a side note on ribbons:  we aren't really sure why some of the ribbons aren't printing.  We are trying to figure out if it's a software issue or something else, and hope to have an answer this week.  Because we weren't in control of last week's meet, we won't be able to recreate those relay ribbons.  Sorry :)

Sign up Genius link for next week's meet coming later today. We have another home meet (YAY!) so that means we need more volunteers to make it run smoothly. Also, please remember to put in kids names (if you have more than one swimmer) when you rsvp.

Enjoy this great day!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!!

Lee and Susan