Practice v. Bible School

Sent by Knippenberg, Joe and Lee (Knippenberg, Joe and Lee) on 6/11/2016. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to 2018 swim team annoucements

With Dunwoody Baptist and All Saints holding Bible school this upcoming week, we realize that a number of families who typically attend morning practice will be coming only to evening practice.  As such, we are trying to rework our coaching schedule to make sure we have adequate coverage in the evenings this week.

Two things will help:

1. If you plan to send your kiddos to evening practice this week, please reply to this email so we can have a head count.

2. If your kids won't be attending Dunwoody Baptist or All Saints Bible school this week, please make every effort to utilize the morning practices and avoid the evening ones as we are fairly certain attendance will be heavy in the evenings this week.

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Lee and Susan