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Very sorry for the extra email, but this has come up at two meets now.....

We don't own a professional starting system, so our starters are using the battery operated megaphone and whistle to run the meets and start races.

Timers are having a difficult time hearing when races begin, and there have been false starts at both meets because swimmers have had trouble hearing the starter and starters have been confused by the "excited chaos" at the blocks before the races.

We really need to work on keeping all swimmers who are not swimming away from the blocks at the start of each race.  Keeping a clearer starting area will eliminate some confusion and help our swimmers to focus on hearing the whistle.  It will also allow our volunteer timers to pay attention to the starter and the race at hand.

Parents - please remind your swimmers to stay clear of the blocks at the start of each race.

Timers - feel free to tell swimmers to stand back :)

Once a race has started, gathering and cheering is absolutely ok! At the end of each race, we need to clear the blocks for the next swim.

Here's hoping this will help meets run more smoothly and quickly!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan

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