Many things in one email :)

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We have several things to put out this morning, so please bear with the longer email :)

1. I am attaching a file with results from last night's great meet, for those of you who like to track times, splits, etc.

2. It is time to begin thinking about DIVISIONALS and CHAMPIONSHIPS! Divisionals will be held on Wednesday morning, June 29th at 9:00 a.m. This is a really fun opportunity for the kids to swim in the GA Tech olympic pool (with fancy touchpads and everything!) All swimmers are eligible to enter, and they can swim their "favorite" events.  Each swimmer can enter 2 individual events, and if we have enough in an age group Coach Charlotte will pull together a relay. 

All entries for Divisionals are due to Coach Charlotte by next Wednesday p.m. Email:

3. Several of you were impressed with the fancy starting system we were using last night - which was borrowed from Roxboro.  Those of you timing noticed, I'm sure, that you had no difficulty hearing the starter, and the swimmers were much less confused as to when to be on the blocks, stay in the water, etc.  It was, hands down, a better system than our "megaphone/whistle" operation.  

Total cost for a system like that is around $1300.  We are a smaller team than we have been in years past and we don't have that money just "lyig around" in our current budget.  Our main focus has been ensuring that we have a good coaching staff and coaches in every lane, especially for our younger swimmers who are learning stroke development.

We've decided to start a "Starter Fund" :)  We currently have 79 families on the team.  If every family contributed $15, we'd have $1185 and be well on the way to securing a new system.  No one is obligated - this is purely voluntary - but we thought we'd get the ball rolling and see if this is something we can have for next season.  The team rep from Roxboro told me that theirs was many years old.  If properly cared for, the system should last for many, many years. Any contributions can be given to Susan or me at the pool, and we will see where we are at the end of the season and either purchase, or continue the fund raising until we have reached our goal.