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We are deep in the throes of the season, and we have hit the "vacation wall."  This means we are down in numbers as we prepare to swim Mountaire on Tuesday. Mountaire is also a 6 lane pool, so we have an extra lane at our disposal during heat 1 for scoring. So.....fewer swimmers and more lanes means more fun for those who are swimming!!

We will be entering a number of our swimmers in a third, or even a fourth, individual event this week because we have some holes AND an extra lane.  This provides a great opportunity for more of our swimmers to score big for Vermack!!

Mountaire is also a metered pool, which means that the times will be a bit skewed when compared to our yardage pool.  Please don't mention this to the swimmers.  It tends to freak them out b/c they mentally think of the pool as tremendously "longer" than any they are used to, and it gets in their heads.  We just need them to concentrate on swimming and having fun.  But we know that many of you keep up with your kids' times, so we wanted you to be aware.

A number of kids will also be swimming up to help make relays. Charlotte will check with all parents before we make that official, but forfeiting a relay in an age group means automatically forfeiting 2nd place (or possibly 1st place) points. It's all a big strategy game :)

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we try to work this all out. Mountaire is a bigger team than any we've faced this season, but we think it will be a fun and fast meet!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan

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