July 2nd Pool Party--Please RSVP!

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Hi everyone,

We are looking forward to the pool party on July 2nd--can you make it?  Please let us know!  See the link below to RSVP.

Things to look forward to:  Fun-tastic DJ that will keep us and the kiddos entertained with music, games, and PRIZES!  Also, we have a Willie's food truck:  $7+ for a delish dish.  What's Free?  Beer, wine, non alcoholic drinks, and Yogli Mogli!   Oh...and the BIG SLIDE that the kiddos love!

Please click on the link below and let us know if you can make it--we need a headcount for food.  Please RSVP by Monday June 27. 


Thank you and hope to see you July 2!!!

Special thanks to Amanda Krull, Neimann Margavio, Margo Marks, and Bridgette Uhde for making this happen!!!!

Interested in helping out with any other social events??  Please email vermackclub@gmail.com because we can use your help. 


Thank you!!