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Happy Doughnut Day!

I am attaching a file with meet results from our evening with Mountaire. For those of you who keep track of times, etc., remember that this was a metered pool, so times may look a little "off."  

A few folks were missing ribbons this morning. The entire ribbon process depends, in large part, on the host team. If they have their software set up to print ribbons by athlete or event, we get a mix of ribbons on each page.  This means that ribbon workers are passing pages back and forth between teams and, occasionally, a ribbon goes missing. :(

We will be sending out one more signup genius for the end-of-season party. No timing, master recording or running necessary - just a headcount so Susan and I know how much ice cream and toppings to buy :)

This has been an awesomely fun season!  Just one more busier-than-normal week to go!!

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan


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