Many Hands Make Light Work

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Yes, this has become the mantra this season.  We are a smaller team and have fewer parents to call on.  The jobs remain the same even when the numbers are smaller.  Math is funny like that :)

We still need to fill the following slots:

1st half judges recorder (easy job, just write down what they tell you)

2nd half place judge (front row seat to some exciting races)

1st half 7/8 boys bullpen (who would NOT want to work with these charming guys?)

1st and 2nd half 9/10 boys bullpen (still charming.....)

2nd half 9/10 girls bullpen (just think of all the gossip you'll get caught up on!)

Thank you for putting our kiddos first and volunteering your time!


Swim fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan


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