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Good Morning!

For folks going down to swim tomorrow at GA Tech, here's some information about times, parking, etc.  There's a lot to cover, so please read all the way :)

1. We need some volunteers. Every team swimming is required to staff the meet, and we have been asked to provide 2 head timers and a runner for the duration of Wed. mornings meet.  Susan and I would like to divide the jobs up so that we have 2 head timers and a runner working 9:00 - 10:30, and 2 head timers and a runner working 10:30 - noon. Job Descriptions here:

Head Timer - (Report to the bullpen of the pool you are timing no later than 30 minutes before the start of your session) Not as important as it sounds, but still very needed.  They start several stopwatches at the start of the race.  If one of the lane timers has a malfunction with their watch during a race, the head timer will take them a replacement watch for that lane.
Runners - (Report to the timing and scoring room no later than 20 minutes before the start of your session)They will be stationed by the Hy Tek operator and will be responsible for posting results on the deck and upstairs, taking award labels to the awards room, and occasionally getting backup times for the timing operator.  Perfect for the person seeking 5 dots on their Fitbit.
Please let Susan or me know if you will be able to fill one of these slots.  :)
2. Our bullpen will be in the stands this year.  This means we will need a few parents who are willing to help us get the younger kids out of the stands and down to the bullpen before races.  NO swimmers are allowed to swim if they bypass the bullpen at ASA. Our coaches will be herding kids a lot, but they are all also swimming their own races.  Susan and I will make sure that one of us stays in the stands and the other can run kids, and we'll be swapping out with the coaches here as well.  Having at least one parent always in our "bleacher bullpen" and another available to run will give us the safety net we need here. It takes a few minutes to get a kid or group of kids from the stands down to the deck, so coverage is essential.
3.  We Warm Up tomorrow from 8:30 - 8:50, and the meet starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. Franke Marsden has notified us that there is a great deal of construction going on around the Tech pool, so please plan your drive accordingly.  The Coach Charlotte van will be arriving at Tech at 7:30 so that we can grab a bullpen spot in the bleachers (imagine the Black Friday version - team reps fighting for spaces and fighting over bleacher chairs!)
When we have secured some space, I will send out a text letting you know where to look for us when you arrive.  
4. We hope to be able to send out info this evening that will allow you to mark your swimmers arms before you arrive. We will not have heat sheets to send you.  Those are sold at the meet :)  
5. This year, ASA will be awarding free tshirts:
Divisional Event Winner T Shirts
ASA will offer event winner t shirts at this year's Divisional Championship.  Swimmers who win an event during the divisional session can visit the Friends Unlimited Suit Shop at the meet to buy one of these keepsakes, it will include the meet logo on the front of the shirt and the event winner customization on the back.  We will also make these shirts available for teams or swimmers to order after the championship as well.
ASA has absorbed the Sandy Springs and Forsyth County leagues this year, so there are six divisional sessions covering Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We won't know until some time Friday evening, after all sessions have been swum, exactly who from our team has "made it back" for Saturday championships.  ASA will bring back the top 50 individual swimmers per event in the 10 and under age group, the top 40 swimmers per event in the 11 and over age group and the top 10 relays.  We will send out an email as soon as we have results on Friday.  Please watch for this, especially if your swimmer qualifies in the relay category. (one missing swimmer on Saturday will kill a relay)  Championships will run Saturday starting at noon (so not so early)
6. Parking is $15/day if you pay on site.  There is a discount if you purchase ahead online.  https://gatech.clickandpark.com/events
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Lee and Susan
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