Championship Qualifiers

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Sorry this has come so late, but we just got it a few minutes ago and have combed through to see which swimmers made it back for tomorrow's finals.  Here is the list:


Katie Krull

George Carek

Brielle Ringelberg

Christian Foster

Piper Payne

Laura Spratling

Miles Krull

Kate Courtney

Kaleigh McGrady

Ethan Moon

Virginia Cook

Lauren Courtney

Avery McDougal

Ryan Altera

Allie Reiter

Brennan Owens

Leah Shine

Ayla Ringelberg

Charlotte Knippenberg

Here is a link to the psych sheet proof that we received.  If you go to the site and click on Swim Leages, then Atlanta Swim Association, then championships and scroll down, you "might" be able to acces the entry list by team.  We are having trouble getting that to attach here.  Sorry.

Warm ups for 10 and unders tomorrow morning - please be at the pool by 10:30.

Warm ups for 11 and overs tomorrow afternoon - please be at the pool by 3:00.

Swim Fast - Be the Viking!

Lee and Susan

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