Vermack - pool slide update and Lost & Found items

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Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Progess on the pool slide has been slow. Last week, DeKalb County provided some initial feedback and requests regarding our slide construction permit. We are meeting with the county in the coming weeks to try to resolve some of these issues. In the event we can’t reach an agreement with DeKalb, the general consensus from the Board would be to install a new high dive. Regardless, due to the delay, the slide or new high dive won't be installed until later this year.  I will provide another update as things progress.  

On another note - a couple lost items and one found item.  

Lost Items
From this past weekend, 2 Head tennis racquets (black w/ yellow trim) in a black tennis bag that says either Head or Prince.  Also, a Delta Airlines solid black soft-side lunch cooler.  If you have any information regarding these items please contact Denise Pressnall - or 678-613-8279.

Found Item
Gold wedding band inscribed with the letters "F & L" or "J & L" found by the Tennis Court #1 Pavilion. Please contact me at or 404-234-4059 if you know who it belongs to.  


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