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Coach Nathan is offering 1 free session of cardio tennis, this Tuesday 8:30-10am.  If interested, please e-mail him directly.  (His message below-)

"A lot of the moms in Dunwoody are starting to rave about a new way to get in shape and also get introduced to the game of tennis. It's called Cardio Tennis and Coach Nathan is one of the best instructors that the industry offers. His classes have become a hit in many of neighborhoods around the city and he is now looking to offer a class on Tuesday mornings at Vermack! Next Tuesday from 8:30am-10:00am Coach Nathan is inviting any and all stay at home moms to come out and enjoy a free session to experience what players are calling the "cardio party."

If you are interested or if you know some of your girlfriends in the neighborhood that would like to join you, email Coach Nathan at to sign up and get added to the guest list!

Here are some of the great benefits of Cardio Tennis:

-Elevates your heart rate!
-Burns a ton of calories! (300-500 per session!)
-Great for women who don't like going to the gym!
-Lowers your blood pressure!
-It's for all ages and skill sets!
-You're having fun while working out!
-You get to be with your friends!
-Easier way to get introduced to the game of tennis."


Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Coach Nathan