Remind 101

Sent by Knippenberg, Joe and Lee (Knippenberg, Joe and Lee) on 5/23/2017. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to 2018 swim team annoucements

Sorry for two emails in one day :)

If those of you who are new to the team would download the Remind 101 app to your phones and sign on to the class "Vermack Vikings" - that would be awesome!

We use this quick and easy method of communication on the days of meets when we need to send out an urgent message to all parents, usually about weather delays or last-minute changes.  If we are in the middle of the meet and have to pause for thunder and you find yourself sitting in your car, waiting out the rain, this is a great way for us to keep you informed, etc.

If you were signed up last year, please make sure you are still connected.  My phone updated a few times over the past year and I had to reload the app yesterday.