1st Meet Info

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Hi folks,

Our first meet is coming up this Tuesday, May 31st against Dunwoody Country Club. Here's the info you need:

Vermack swimmers should arrive at DCC no later than 4:30.  This gives us time to make sure everyone's arms are marked correctly, etc.

Vermack warms up from 5:00 - 5:30, and we hope the meet begins promptly at 5:30.

Parking is typically not a problem at DCC. Our bullpen area is usually to the right side of the pool, opposite their clubhouse, and is in the sun, so be prepared.  We will set up bullpen tents for the younger ones. Bug spray can also be a good idea.

Please rsvp for the meet (indicating who will/will not be swimming in the comments section) and VOLUNTEER by Sunday at 5pm.  I know that seems early, but Coach Charlotte has to complete an extensive line up and get it to the DCC coach on Monday.  Once it's in, it is VERY difficult to make changes.

Susan is out of town all next week, and I am working fulltime next week at OU, so Karen Courtney will be at DCC with all volunteer tags, stop watches, etc. and my husband will be helping until I can get there.  If you arrive before I do, please check in with Karen to get your volunteer tag and any materials you need to complete a first half assignment.  I should arrive before 5:00.

We are running practice this Monday for anyone who can be there, and t- shirts should be available that day as well.  I will also have them at the meet on Tuesday to hand out.  And we do have practice on the morning of the meets.

Thanks, and Go Vikings!

Lee and Susan