Info for DCC meet

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Hi Vikings,

Several things, so please read carefully :)

1. We DO have practice tomorrow morning at the usual times.  Coaches will work things for the meet, like starts/turns, etc.

2. After the rosters have been merged by the DCC coach and she has sent a completed meet program back to us, we will send out information so that you can mark your swimmers arms before you arrive.  This speeds up the process once we are at the pool.

3.  If you haven't marked arms before, or if you need a refresher:  Use a sharpie (it will come off easily with rubbing alcohol after the meet, but will stay on in the water), mark the inside left arm with E   H    L    S (this stands for event, heat, lane and stroke). Underneath each letter, fill in the appropriate info from the meet program. Events are numbered 1 - 86.  We will typically be swimming in lanes 1, 3 and 5 as the visiting team. When you write the stroke, you can abbreviate: FR (free), BA (back), BR (breast), FL (butterfly) and put either a 25 or 50 for the distance. Every swimmer swims a minimum of 2 events (ASA rules) BUT b/c they have 6 lanes and we are a smaller team, some swimmers will be swimming an extra event.

4. If you have not done so, please download the Remind 101 app to your phone.  This is the method we will use to communicate any last minute info tomorrow - weather delays, time changes, etc.  On your phone enter the code 81010 and text the message @vermac  This should do it.

All swimmers should be at DCC by 4:30 tomorrow.  We warm up at 5:00. Karen Courtney will be on hand with the volunteer list and tags. I will arrive from work no later (hopefully) than 5:00.  The meet starts at 5:30.

5. DCC has ample parking.  They run two concession windows - one for members and one for visitors (cash only)  This is a six lane pool, so I am hoping the meet runs more quickly with the extra lane.  

6. I cannnot guarantee that our bullpen area will be shady, so please plan accordingly.  We are down to only 3 tents, and will use those for the youngest groups. Bug spray can also be a good thing to have on hand, as we sometimes find ourselves in grassy areas.

7. Volunteer slots have all been filled and the meet is locked.  Thank you for your rsvp's.  See you at DCC!!

Go Vikings!

Lee (and Susan, on vacation)