Meet Entries Have Arrived!

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Hello Vikings!

I am attaching the file with our meet entries for tomorrow's meet with DCC.  Please go over this carefully and mark your swimmer's arms before they arrive tomorrow for warm ups.  This saves a tremendous amount of time and chaos at the meet.

1. You will find swimmers listed alphabetically by last name. Next to their name you will see info about their age and the number of individual/relay events they are swimming. None of that needs to be marked.

2. Read across the page from left to right, as the sheets print that way and the events are listed in order across the page. Each event is numbered, and lists Boys or Girls, the age category and the stroke. You only need to mark the event number.

3. Next to each event, you will see times.  If your swimmer is in the ASA system, their times are automatially picked up.  

4. Next to that, you'll see two numbers with a / between them.  These indicate heat and lane.  For example, 1/3 means heat 1 and lane 3.

Mark your swimmer's arm as follows:

E      H     L     S

22     1     3     50FR

37     1     5     25BA

and so forth.


Everyone is swimming at least 2 events.  Several swimmers are swimming more events than they might be used to in summer league, but DCC has a 6 lane pool and they run all 6 lanes as scoring lanes.  This means we have more opportunities to score points, and we need that given the small size of our team :)

I will be watching the weather tomorrow afternoon, and will text out via the Remind app if there are any changes to arrival times, etc.  Meets run even in the rain, as long as there is no thunder or lightning and swimmers can see the bottom of the pool. Given the propensity for sudden storms during the summer months, we have to be prepared to come and swim no matter what.  Rescheduling meets is next to impossible.  Please don't look at a sky with some clouds and assume we won't swim.  We will, and we will need you.

Thanks, and Go Vikings!