Fountainebleau Meet Entry Report

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Attached file: vermack@fountainebleuentryreport.pdf

Attached you will find the meet entry report for tonight's meet against Fountainebleau.  Swimmers are in alphabetical order by last name.  Please make every effort to mark your swimmer's arm before they arrive for warm ups, as this saves much time.

It has taken a little longer than usual to put this together because, as the day has gone on, we have lost several swimmers due to illness, accident, etc. Coach Charlotte has had to rearrange a LOT of swims, and swimmers may find themselves swimming new/more events than usual.  But it's summer league and it's all about fun!!! 

Fountainebleau is not a large team, so we are more evenly matched in size this week. Their pool is in a wooded area, so bug spray might be a good thing to throw in your bag.

The rain looks like it will pass by 5:00, and hopefully leave cooler temps behind.  

Go Vikings!!