Meet Entries, Heat Sheets, etc.

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Good Afternoon, Vermack@!

I am attaching two files: one has meet entries for fast and easy arm marking; the other is a copy of tonight's heat sheet. Hopefully we have been notified of all changes on our end, so this heat sheet should allow you to follow our swimmers through tonight's meet.

Vermack swimmer should arrive at the pool at 4:00 with arms marked.  Our warm up time is 4:30. Our bullpen will be located on the left side of the pool, down near the diving blocks. We give our visiting team the right side of the pool.

We will reserve four parking slots - for the starter, food delivery, and the visiting team coach and team rep. Other than that, the parking lot is open. Signs are posted on Vermack Rd. Please park on the street and not in yards, as this really upsets our neighbors.

We are hoping tonight's meet runs without interruption by any nasty weather.  Mill Glen is a slightly larger team, so there will be some races that have more than one heat, but we seem evenly matched in scoring heats so it should be a competitive meet.

Come hungry and thirsty - we have CFA sandwiches, Papa John's pizza and Yogli Mogli, not to mention candy and the ever popular RING POPS!!

Please remember, as you set up for tonight's meet, that the covered area (our "clubhouse") is reserved for computer operators and ribbon workers.

Go Vikings!!