Next meet, banquet, etc.

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Hi folks,

Our next meet is Tuesday against Byrnwyck.  Please remember to visit to rsvp for your swimmers and volunteer. If you have several swimmers and only some will be swimming, please note in the comments section who is swimming.

Our end of year banquet is scheduled for Thursday, June 29th.  We'll plan to gather at the pool around 5:30. Bring your dinner and let the kids swim and play (fun slide in the deep end!) then we'll present awards and have ice cream.

ASA Divisionals: Our swim time is Thursday, June 29th at 9:00 am.  This is our championship meet and it's a great opportunity for swimmers to compete in the Olympic pool at Ga Tech - touchpads (for real times), a big scoreboard, stands full of people cheering and yummy smoothies for sale. If you would like your swimmers to compete for Vermack, please rsvp by Wednesday, June 21st. Every swimmer can enter 2 events, and Coach Charlotte has to enter all swimmers next week. If you are unsure which events would be best for your swimmer, ask her.  This year's fee for divisional swimming is $10 per swimmer. (Vermack is picking up half the cost per swimmer) We need to turn in one check that day, so we will collect checks from families over the next week. 

We are also given some work slots for the divisional meet, so Susan and I will be asking for help that morning - usually a little light timing or hanging out in a bullpen. And we should be on deck this year, which makes herding swimmers much easier.

Go Vikings!