All you need to know for tomorrow's big meet

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Our next meet is tomorrow, June 20, against Byrnwyck.  They are a very large team (173 swimmers on the roster) and typically swim about 120 per approximately twice our size. 

BUT, they are also a 6 lane pool, so more scoring opportunities for everyone!!!

Also, b/c they are a 6 lane pool, we need to provide 2 additional timers in the second half.  We are also still in need of a master recorder for the second half of the meet.  Susan is updating the volunteer page to add these slots.  If you have not yet signed up for a volunteer slot, these are great opportunities AND they come in the second (as in cooler) half of the meet!

Address for Byrnwyck: 1000 Byrnwyck Rd., Brookhaven, 30319 

They will post signs, but ask that we only park on the right side of the road. Otherwise it becomes too tight and no one can get through.

We are the visiting team, so we arrive by 4:30 and warm up at 5:00. We will send out meet entries tomorrow afternoon so that you can mark arms prior to arrival.

Divisionals entries are due by Wednesday at 5:00 pm. There is an rsvp slot on our page.  Cost is $10 per swimmer - please give all monies to Susan Bolte.

Go Vikings!!