Rainy Days and Mondays.....

Sent by Knippenberg, Joe and Lee (Knippenberg, Joe and Lee) on 6/20/2017. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to 2018 swim team annoucements

So, we made the trek over to Byrnwyck.  The chance of rain on the radar kept increasing as we waited. We talked, briefly, about starting a little later.....but they have a HUGE number of 6/u's and 7/8's, so even if we had been able to get in a few events before the next downpour came, it wouldn't have amounted to much swimming for most of our kids.  

We decided not to try and reschedule, with our dive meet tomorrow and the rest of the week's weather looking bad.  Saturday mornings aren't for swim meets, and trying to squeeze in one more thing next week seemed insane. 

So we officially call it a tie.  Franke counts it as a win for both teams (this will be Byrnwyck's first win, so they were happy) and we live to swim another day.  

Yes, there will be donuts in the morning.

Good Night, Vermack.