Busy Week Next Week!!

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OK, Vermack - our busiest week of the season is before us, and everything you need to know is below:

1. Please rsvp for Monday's meet by this Saturday at 5:00 pm. This will give Charlotte time to create and merge the meet on Sunday afternoon.

2. Only swimmers going to Divisionals on Thursday need to come to practice on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings next week.  Other swimmers can stop by to grab a donut and pick up ribbons :)

3. Practice for Divisional Swimmers: 10/under from 9:45 - 10:15 and 11/over from 10:15 - 11:00.  This is only next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Monday practice will run as usual for all swimmers.

4. When you rsvp/volunteer for Monday's meet, please also rsvp for the Banquet which will be next Thursday at 5:30. Bring dinner to the pool and enjoy some fun time while the swimmers play on the big slide. Award presentation at 6:30, followed by ice cream.  We'd love a headcount to help with purchasing :)

5. For those of you who like to follow times/results, you can now access these on https://vermack.swim-team.us  

1. Go to swim meet/meet results  

2. To look up by meet, drop down the meet option and choose the meet you want to see, then press "Go." 

3. To look up by swimmer, enter the Last Name and First Name. Change the "unique" field to "no" (this allows you to see each time your swimmer swam a specific event) Then press "Go."  

6. Susan will be collecting for any coaching tips/gifts. We do try to use money out of concessions to help with this, but after we've paid for awards, pictures, food, etc. there isn't always a great deal left over.

Evening practice is currently on the schedule with Coach Ben and Coach Belle.  I will watch the weather and send info if there are changes.

Go Vikings!