Hiring Coaches for Next Year

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Good Morning, Vermack!

Now that swim season is officially over, we begin the process of hiring for next year's team.

Coach Charlotte will be returning for one final season as head coach. We are currently looking for one assistant coach and three junior coaches to fill out our coaching roster.

Assistant Coach Applicants should:  

    1. Be at least 16 years of age

    2. Have high school and/or club swimming experience

    3. Have previous coaching experience at the junior/asst level

Junior Coach Applicants should:

    1. Be at least 14 years of age

    2. Have previous summer swimming experience

    3. Enjoy working with children

Interested applicants should send an email with resume attached to: Susan Bolte at Susan_Bolte@hotmail.com no later than August 1.

Susan Bolte, Jennifer Westrick and Coach Charlotte will be conducting interviews in early August.