Vermack Vegas Night July 11 at 7PM

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Vegas Night at Vermack! 

Come join us this Wednesday evening, July 11th at 7pm for a fun adult gaming night and an evening of cards!!

We will have 2 expert players manning a blackjack table and a poker table.  Fun prizes for winners of the main tables.

We will have several poolside tables set up for pick up games, player choice.  From Gin Rummy to Goldfish, it’s whatever you like!

Backgammon sets are welcome too!!

We will have some appetizers and and few cocktails provided;  The Poker-face (cranberry, vodka & lime). The Gin Rummy: (Gin, tonic & lime). The Blackjack (Jack Daniels and ginger ale). 

This is open to members and guests. 

What happens at usually fun!