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Georgetown Recreation Club is now hosting the MAIN Event Saturday night...
Well, we told you it would be a big party. So much so, that we've outgrown the cozy comfort of ye ol' Village Mill. Switching to Georgetown Recreation solves many problems that we were looking at: parking, noise issues, and frankly capacity. Georgetown allows us to keep everyone inside the pool area vs having to put the band in the parking lot and split the party in half.
Arrive around 6:30 or 7pm. The address is 4301 Old Georgetown Trail. Please come in an Uber or Lyft (or try to walk). We've gone ahead and called the po 👮‍♀️ on ourselves that night. Hired one in fact. So in a sense, we are above the law.... In a more real sense, you probably don't want to be stumbling into your car in front of them.
What else.... Remember to pack a bathing suit! It's a pool party in the Summer folks. You will want to swim! 👙
So where's the Family Night???
Village Mill will now host the Friday family night, so all you Village Mill-ers still get to walk to one of the party nights. There will be kegs that night, you can pick up your Saturday wrist bands, and of course it will be a ton of fun.
If you can't make it Friday night, grab your wristband at the party Saturday(we've got a list of buyers). If you went in on a 4 pack with friends, try to remember who actually bought.
That's all! Expect one more reminder email about the location change on Thursday. Oh and (shameless over-sell)....
Tickets are still on sale, so forward this to a friend!
And sorry for the switcheroo but you KNOW its a party now!