Vermack - Annual Meeting Notice 9/30/18 at 9am

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Good afternoon.  The Club's Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, September 30 at 9am in the pool area.  A description of the Annual Meeting, as detailed in the Club's By-Laws, is included below.

Consequently, this meeting marks the end of my role as Board President and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served the Club and our members over the past years.  

While a number of Board Members are still within their terms, we are actively seeking new members to join the Board, specifically in the role of Club Treasurer, Members at Large, and Committee Members.  Please contact me prior to the Annual Meeting if you would like more information about open board positions.  

The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be for the President’s report on the affairs of the Club, the receipt by the Members of a statement of financial condition of the Club, presentation of committee reports, the election of Directors and Officers, a vote on any proposed assessments for capital additions to the Property of the Club, a vote on any proposed amendments to these By-Laws, and such other business as may be specified in the notice of the meeting or properly brought before the meeting.

Thank you,

Ben Marks
Board President
Vermack Swim & Tennis Club
4756 Vermack Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338
404-234-4059 cell