Tennis Members - Booking Reminder

Sent by Vermack Board (Krull, Jeff) on 11/15/2018. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to tennis annoucements

Tennis Members - Please review these reminders about booking our tennis courts...once it finally stops raining.

Periodically, complaints have been raised about reserved courts not being available when a member gets to the court for their requested time slot.  Abiding by the booking & scheduling rules will ensure three courts remain available for match play.

Should you need a court that a member has already reserved; for example, if your team has a match and wants to play on adjacent courts, please reach out to that member to ask them if it would be acceptable to switch courts. No one has permission to rearrange any member's reservations.

If this situation occurs, please use the member directory published online to contact someone directly

  Below are a few of the rules that pertain to scheduling:


  1. Non-member players use of Vermack courts is limited to team practices/team lessons, home matches and /or as an invited guest. Non-club members not on a team may not participate in group lessons or take private lessons at the club.
  2. Teams playing out of Vermack are entitled to two courts for ALTA/USTA matches. A third court will be assigned by the scheduler if possible.  Teams may not claim a third court if not assigned.  They may not walk on to court 6, if not assigned.
  3. Reservations for team practices are limited to two courts.  If more than two courts are in use by a team for practice, team players on the additional court(s) may be bumped by other members.
  4. Normally only two teams will be scheduled for practice at the same time. 
  5. Practice times for each season will be assigned on a first come-first served basis.
  6. Teams may practice as a team only once a week. 
  7. Makeup matches have priority over casual play and may be re-scheduled as necessary.
  8. Reserving a court: All courts reservations are made on-line at the club website
  • Courts 1-5 may be reserved up to a week in advance. Reservations should identify the member and event, if any (ex. J. Jones – T-2). There must be at least one club member playing on each reserved court. Court time is limited to 2 ½ hours unless family members sharing the same login need an additional court.  In this case the maximum court time is 5 hours.
  • Default time on a reservation is 10 minutes.
  • Reservations for team events including matches, recurring practices and recurring lessons will be made by the club court scheduler.  Reservations for individual matches such as T-2 and K Swiss must be made by the playing member(s).  Reservations for make-up matches due to rain outs or team matches played on days other than originally scheduled must be made by the playing member or team captain.  Make-up match reservations may not be made on court 6.
  • Court 6 is an open court. First come, first served. Exception - court 6 may be reserved by the club court scheduler for some league team matches or occasional club special events.

Thank you for your cooperation!