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Greetings Vermack tennis players, those who would like to play, parents of players, etc.

The Summer ALTA and USTA league season is upon us so you will be seeing a lot of activity on the courts.

The Tennis Committee would like to remind everyone to be respectful of our club rules when you are on or around the courts.  If you would like a refresher, log on to  Go to the Tennis Home Page and select Tennis Rules and/or Tennis Etiquette.  The rules are also posted at the courts.

Some perennial issues we've dealt with:

- only tennis allowed on court

- no infants*, pets, skateboards, bikes, or other sports on court

- shirts and appropriate shoes required on court

- keep the expletives clean and not too loud when losing a match :-)

- out of respect for our neighbors, use courts only during official club hours (we've had some folks playing    extremely early in the summer and annoying the neighbors).

- please use the online court reservation system and respect other members and teams by not using their reserved courts- if one isn't going to use one's reservation, please cancel it so the court is available to other members.

New Members: Welcome to the club!  It's always fun to see new faces accross the net.  If you have not had a chance to join an ALTA or USTA team you may still be eligible to be added to one of the Summer rosters.  Current and past Vermack teams are posted on the club website (Tennis/Vermack Teams) along with the names of the captains.

Any questions, give me a call.

Jay Hart