Two more pool days, thank you & Annual Meeting

Sent by Vermack President (Krull, Jeff) on 9/1/2019. This announcement was emailed to all users

All – I hope that you’re enjoying the Labor Day weekend and maybe some college football. The weather looks great for the last two days of the pool season and the tennis courts have been busy lately.

A reminder that the pool is open today and tomorrow from 10AM – 8PM.

Many thanks to the social committee and others who pitched in to arrange some of the fun events this year, the beverage ambassadors (aka keg guys) for keeping the beer cold, the Sweetwater lifeguards, the tennis committee and other members who donate their time and energy to keep the club running.

Please be on the lookout for a notice about the annual club meeting where we’ll discuss Club finances and pressing matters. Per the Vermack by-laws:

The Annual Meeting of all the Members shall be held during the month of September of each calendar year at a time and place designated in the notice of such meeting.  The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be for the President’s report on the affairs of the Club, the receipt by the Members of a statement of financial condition of the Club, presentation of committee reports, the election of Directors and Officers, a vote on any proposed assessments for capital additions to the Property of the Club, a vote on any proposed amendments to these By-Laws, and such other business as may be specified in the notice of the meeting or properly brought before the meeting.

As always, the Board is on the lookout for help with various committees – feel free to reach out if you’re interested! There are many opportunities to help improve things as we enter the pool offseason.

Thank you.

- Jeff

Edited by Krull, Jeff on 9/16/2019