Tennis courts - Usage Reminder and Rules

Sent by Vermack President (Krull, Jeff) on 2/24/2020. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to tennis annoucements
A quick reminder about tennis court usage -
We recently received a complaint about members booking courts under their name then not showing up for the reservations.  Please remember that if you book a court and then decide you do not need it, please cancel the reservation.
If you book a court for your team and your non-member teammates, the member must be present. This is not only a Vermack rule but is required for insurance purposes.
The rule states:
Non-member players use of Vermack courts is limited to team practices/team lessons, home matches and /or as an invited guest. Non-club members may not participate in group lessons or take private lessons at the club if they are not on a team.
A complete listing of the club tennis rules can be viewed on the Vermack Tennis page.  
Thank you for your ongoing cooperation!