Update on Pool Opening & Courts Remain Available

Sent by Vermack President (Krull, Jeff) on 4/23/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users

Last night I attended a virtual meeting with the leaders of many local Swim and Tennis facilities.

Two updates to share –

PoolPer the 4/20/20 update, the core dependencies to open our pool are:

  1. City and State orders – Right now, there are technically no Orders prohibiting the pool from opening. However, we are still dependent on items 2-5. On our call last night, Nancy Jester confirmed the City of Dunwoody plays no role in pool oversight.
  2. Guidance from the DeKalb County Health Department – See below.
  3. Sweetwater’s ability to train and staff lifeguards (still delayed due to pool access)
  4. Vermack’s ability to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  5. Sanitization guidelines – Sweetwater will be following the recommendations of the CDC, but right now they are unsure what that will look like.  More information to come.

Regarding item 2 above, the DeKalb County Department of Health issues our annual permit to open and operate the pool. From Leon Smith (Environmental Health County Supervisor at DeKalb County Board of Health (via e-mail) -

The department is following the Governor’s “shelter in place” order. As a result, we have not been conducting inspections or issued the 2020 permits. We have turned our attention toward covid -19. We don’t have an exact date that we will resume pool inspections, yet. We most likely will not resume until after the “shelter in place” order is lifted. The order was extended to April 30th. There is not much information regarding the corona virus and pools, specifically. The general rules of social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, etc., would still apply. However, the state is working on pool related guidance. Once that guidance is provided to me, I will be able to provide the guidance to you.  Once it’s safe to do so, we will issue the permit and conduct the opening inspections. Until then, we are in “wait and see” mode. We will see how things go going forward and more information is learned about this virus. Keep in mind, that things can change at any time.


The leaders of many local Swim and Tennis facilities answered the following question –

Are your tennis courts currently open? If yes, do you have guidelines in place? If closed, do you have a date to reopen?

Based on the answers, most are operating with some modifications to address social distancing and comply with Orders.

  1. Yes, partially open with guidelines.
  2. We are semi open due to construction we have going on at our clubhouse. If the gate to access the club is open, then people can come play
  3. Not current open. Plan to reopen once the shelter in place is lifted on 4/30.
  4. Cannot physically close them due to configuration but have told membership they use them at their own risk.
  5. They have been closed since 3/21 and will reopen on 4/22 for family play only. We will likely open to full play after shelter in place is lifted.
  6. Not currently open, preplanning for it
  7. No, tentatively targeting May 1 or sooner
  8. Yes, guidelines are in place.

Additionally, we received this e-mail update from Dr. Ford the DeKalb County District Health Director –

“the Board of Health does not inspect tennis courts, so we have no official guidance.  However, if adequate social distancing is maintained, I can’t see where opening them would be a problem as long as food was not served.”

This may not change your viewpoint on using the tennis facility, but I wanted to share the information.

Moving Ahead

As the situation evolves, I’ll focus on updates surrounding the pool and swim season.

More to come,


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