New Swim Team Info & Form *please read ASAP*

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Dear Vermack Vikings, 

We hope you are well and are enjoying the beautiful spring weather! Can you believe we should have started swim team practice this week! :(.

Last week ASA provided their most recent update in regards to what our season could look like if we are able to have one. As previously mentioned, due to federal regulations, we have to wait until Georgia meets phase 2 requirements in order to meet in groups of 50 at a time. If Georgia moves to Phase 2, the swim team is a possibility.  ASA is hoping to make the call by the end of this month, no later than June 8th as to whether or not there will be a swim season.

We appreciate your participation in the first poll sent out.  However, because of new information and restrictions that may impact your decision in participating in our 2020 season, it is important for you to read this email in its entirety and please fill out the google form below.  Thank you. 

It is important for us to get your feedback regarding participation because if we do not have enough registered participants to cover the cost of our coaches, we cannot have a team.  Please read below and go to the google form at the end. Thank you!

Here are some changes that ASA expects, and we would be required to maintain:

  • The season would begin between June 15-June 30th, but  not extend past August 1

  • Limited individuals are allowed in the pool and on the pool deck at all times including swimmers, coaches and designated parent volunteers. Parents and siblings would NOT be able to stay for practice (nor hang out in the parking lot or on the playground). 

  • There will be strict drop-off and pick up times for practice. Swimmers will not be able to remain on the property past their swim practice. 

  • Swimmers would need to come ready to practice and not expect any help (googles or cap) from coaches.  Changing or using the bathroom before/after practice is strongly discouraged.

  • Temperatures will likely be taken of anyone entering the pool deck. 

  • Social distancing would have to be maintained at all practices, in the pool and on the deck. We hope to have some system/spots marked to make it easy for kids to know where to “check in,” put their stuff, and line up.  This has not been developed as of yet. 

  • There would be NO evening practices as the open hours for the pool will be limited as is.

  • Unfortunately, non-swimmers cannot participate.  Swimmers must be able to swim the entire length of the pool without help. This point is very sad for us as we love to watch our little ones learn and thrive. Unfortunately, we will be required to adhere to social distancing rules, and non-swimmers require coaches to be very close to non-swimmers. Coaches will not be allowed to be in the water with the swimmers and will not be able to be hands on

  • Registered swimmers will likely have to fill out an additional waiver to participate.

MEETS: We will have virtual meets, and every swim team participant will be involved in meets and need to pay the ASA fees.  There is no “junior team” option this year.

Virtual meets will be laid back, stress-free, (and no pressure of the crowds because  there won’t be any) and  will be held during practice times (each age group might have one day per week that will be their “swim meet” day during practice.  Coaches will essentially be timing each event and submitting times by Friday of that week.  Coaches are thinking of a way to make this fun and keep team spirit  up with these restrictions!!

Fees: Fees will stay the same.  Without live swim meets, we will lose concession income as well as seasonal sponsorships. Our fees will pay for coaches salary and other small expenses. There will be no late fees this season.  

If you have read all of this and know that you are 100% cannot participate AND have registered for the 2020 season, please email for a refund using the subject  Summer 2020 REFUND Request. 

Practice times have not been determined, but they are subject to change and will likely have a 10-15 minute gap to provide for safe transitions.

Please email for any other questions. PLEASE FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM BY CLICKING HERE

 We know this is a lot to take in and wish circumstances were different and we were seeing all the swimmer's faces together this week


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