Pool Reservation System Update

Sent by Cassie Owens (Owens, Russell and Cassie) on 6/1/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users
Attached file: Vermack-Parental Consent Form-2020rev.pdf

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience as we navigate this new reservation system!!  It is now set up so that when you sign on, you set up an account.  You can choose to reserve for "Me and Others" and on first go round, you'll have to add in members of your family, then you will be able to click their names and reserve for them.  It's a fairly easy setup. Here is the site again: https://vermack.getomnify.com/#!/schedules/
Even though it says "Me and Others," you are still able to reserve for others even if you aren't going.  Example: My kids want to go but I don't--I can click on "me and others," and un check my name (bc it automatically fills it) and click on the kids.  
Speaking of kids--attached is the 2020 waiver form if you have a child between the ages of 10-17 who plan on coming to the pool without an adult.  This form MUST be completed and brought in before/at the time of an unattended minor entering the pool. 
I cannot wait to see y'all at the pool this week!!!!!!!  Questions about the signup? Feel free to reach out.   
Cassie Owens