Pool Opening: Important announcements!

Sent by Cassie Owens (Owens, Russell and Cassie) on 6/2/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users
Hi all,  
We are very excited for opening day tomorrow!  It looks like everyone is understanding and utilizing the reservation system. (see below for some tips on reservation system including scheduling/cancelling)  Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks and get this pool season going. We hope to hear that the number allowed in the pool will increase soon and we will communicate that and update the reservation system accordingly. Stay tuned.
In chatting with other pools around town, we realize that most others have 2 hour time caps with a break in between.  We do not have that which ultimately gives us more time to enjoy the pool, and we would like to keep it that way!🏊☀
In order to continue with this schedule, and to maximize our chill time at the pool, please abide by the following: 
1. You must make a reservation to attend the pool, see below for info.  (you will not be admitted without one)
2.  Please leave promptly when your session ends in order to help Vermack comply with the rules and guidelines.  If this becomes a problem, and members do not leave promptly, we may have to put breaks in the schedule for transition, which will ultimately lessen the pool time available, so please be considerate! Thank you
3.  Please practice social distancing and be respectful of others.
4.  Please bring sanitizer and wipes.
5. Please bring your own ice, water, drinks, etc.  Water and ice machine will not be available.
6.  Please clean up after your visit to the pool. While guards will be working to clean the bathrooms  and other high traffic areas throughout the day, it would be great if members can wipe and clean their areas.
7.  If you are enjoying your time at the pool and you want to stay, hop on the site to see if there are spots in the next session.  If there are, great--just let the guard know why you aren't packing up and leaving. 
8. If you know you will not make it during your reserved time--please cancel so as another member may be on the waitlist or wanting to get in.  Thanks!
Reservation system:
  • Go to the site here
  • Create a login and password
  • When you go to make the first reservation, you can choose "Me and Others" and follow prompts to add your family members
  • To see your reservation, go to the home page and click on "my profile" and that will show you all the upcoming reservations
  • To cancel--go to "my profile" and on the top middle of the page you will your name and it's a drop box so if you want to cancel your reservation and only yours, you can do so.  If you want to cancel one person in your family, go to the drop down and select that person, click on the reservation you want to cancel and do so.
Don't hesitate to reach out with questions--it's a learning curve for us all!  Can't wait to be poolside.