Vermack Members Meeting | Reminders | Volunteer

Sent by Vermack President (Krull, Jeff) on 6/25/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hi there. A few updates as we're now well into the pool season and tennis league play.

1. We will hold a virtual Vermack Club Members Meeting next Tuesday 6/30 @ 7:00PM. Meeting details and an agenda will be distributed no later than Sunday night. Please be on the lookout for dial-in details and the agenda. If you have something to raise, feel free to drop me a note.

2. Pool issues & safety - If you notice something that needs to be addressed at the pool (cleanliness/items around the pool/safety in or out of the water), it's always best to start with the Sweetwater guards who are at the pool. They can address the item directly or escalate to their Sweetwater management team. I did speak with our supervisor today and they do have some items to address related to training and safety. We pay Sweetwater tens of thousands of dollars a year, so we expect them to address our feedback.

Also, a reminder to remove leave valuables from your car at Vermack. We had one vehicle break-in late last Summer and it's a bummer for all involved. Consider the LOCK TAKE HIDE mantra. If you lock your car, take your keys, and hide your belongings, you reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

3. Volunteering - A reminder that the Vermack Board, Tennis and Swim committees are all run by your fellow members. We always need your help improving the Club. We have an open Vice President position right now and my two-year term as President will end this Fall. Please consider devoting some time to the Club in any capacity that you are able to! 

I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the Summer.

- Jeff