Meeting Outcomes and 4th of July!

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Good morning all! We'll provide a more detailed recap of the Vermack meeting which was held this past Tuesday night very soon, but please note a few key outcomes:
  • A Pool Committee has been formed with 3 people volunteering to help. We expect Sweetwater management and guards to step up their game ... starting today!
  • We will be sanitizing and opening the playground tomorrow. Since the Dunwoody playgrounds have been open for some time, we are falling in line and the consensus was is acceptable.
  • We'll soon see the tennis courts cleaned and we're working on improvements to accommodate the growing pickle ball contingency.
  • Dive Practice - Be on the lookout for some information about a dive team (practice only) very soon! 
Have a SAFE, HEALTHY, and FUN Independence Day Weekend!
Please feel free to shoot off mountains of fireworks at home, but out of respect for our Vermack neighbors and cleanliness of the property, please refrain from shooting them off at Vermack.