Covid-19 in Dunwoody & Mandatory Reservations

Sent by Vermack President (Krull, Jeff) on 7/5/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users

Apologies for the number of messages lately, but we've had an abundance of important news to share. Please review for your awareness and share with your family.

Be Aware - Covid-19 in Dunwoody

A person nearby in Dunwoody tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, July 3rd. They had some symptoms throughout the week and they are apparently feeling better now. The person who tested positive is NOT a Vermack member, nor has that person been to Vermack.

This past Monday June 29th, a member of a Vermack family did spend time with the person who tested positive. That member has not used the pool all week.

This morning I confirmed the Vermack family doesn't have any symptoms and all are feeling fine today. After learning of the positive test result on Friday morning, the Vermack family immediately began to self-quarantine.

The Vermack family is registered for testing Monday or Tuesday. If there's a positive test result, we will do some contact tracing.

Pool and Tennis Reservations are mandatory for all

A reminder that we still have a limit of 60 people at the pool, INCLUDING your guests. All members and guests must be registered for tennis or the pool. Should we have a first-hand Covid-19 exposure (a positive test and a member has recently used the Club), we will use the reservation system to carry out contact tracing.

We encourage you to use an abundance of caution (sanitize & wash hands), adhere to social distancing guidelines, leverage the mandatory reservation systems and consider staying away from the Club during busier times if you are at a higher risk.

More to come soon. 

- Jeff

Edited by Krull, Jeff on 7/5/2020