Sent by Tennis Committee (Hart, Jay) on 9/22/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users

Vermack members- The tennis courts have been getting a lot of use lately, which is great, but has raised some issues with making reservations.  Below is a section of the published club tennis rules regarding court reservations.  Please note that if you have a group of members needing more than one court simultaneously, the second court should be reserved in a different member's name.

16. Reserving a court:
All courts reservations are made on-line at the club website
a. Courts 1-5 may be reserved up to a week in advance. Reservations should
identify the member and event, if any (ex. J. Jones – T-2). There must be at
least one club member playing on each reserved court. Court time is limited
to 2 ½ hours unless family members sharing the same login need an
additional court. In this case the maximum court time is 5 hours.
b. Default time on a reservation is 10 minutes.
c. Reservations for team events including matches, recurring practices and
recurring lessons will be made by the club court scheduler. Reservations for
individual matches such as T-2 and K Swiss must be made by the playing
member(s). Reservations for make-up matches due to rain outs or team
matches played on days other than originally scheduled must be made by the
playing member or team captain. Make-up match reservations may not be
made on court 6.
d. Court 6 is an open court. First come, first served. *
*exception - court 6 may be reserved by the club court scheduler for some
league team matches or occasional club special events.