Swim Team 2021

Sent by Vermack Swim Team (Owens, Russell and Cassie) on 1/29/2021. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hi everyone!

We hope this finds you well and looking forward to summer because we certainly are!  We are hopeful for a Vermack Swim Team and we are in need of your help.  I (Cassie) am stepping down this year so WE NEED YOU!  Susan Bolte has been the swim team mom manager for YEARS and generously offered to continue helping out to transition.  Peggy Smith has also kindly offered to stay and help. To accommodate everyone’s busy lifestyles and spread out the responsibilities, we are looking for 2 volunteers who can help organize and run swim season.  It would be great if these parents have younger children and will be at the pool during the morning practices. We cannot have a swim season unless we have 2 more parents help out!  Please consider and contact us.

Cassie, Susan, and Peggy